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Responsibilities of CDM

    Office of Campus Development and Management is responsible for providing logistic services and operation management business, including security & health management, campus construction & real estate management, and also led by other functional departments of Zhejiang University. The specific responsibilities are listed as follow:

1. Research, formulate and then implement relevant policies, overall planning and implementation scheme after approval according to national and local laws, regulations of Zhejiang University, campus development planning and real situation.

2. Logistic services & management, including catering service, facility management, health & security management, campus commercial business, shuttle bus and hotel service, and relevant delegation server and evaluation business.

3. Campus public security work. Establish and implement a sound system of campus political stability, security, fire control and traffic order. Organize activities of safety education and preventative manoeuvre; assist in students’ residence registration and relevant services provided by Office of Security & Safety; cooperate with the work of lab security implementation.

4. Campus Health management. On behalf of Campus Committee, cooperating with Zhejiang University Hospital in the work of campus hospital planning, health care service and evaluation, and also collaborating with campus hospital in the work of campus public sanitation, FPA & Red Cross and medical insurance management.

5. Campus planning and construction. Do demand research in the period of campus constructing; strengthen communication with campus project headquarter; accomplish the handover of the campus completion; carry out reconstruction planning and implementing of campus buildings and facilities; set up and implement maintenance projects.

6. Campus property & real estate, management. Be responsible for cadastral declaration, estate management, housing ownership application, relevant certificates management, formulation and management of campus public housing policies, commercial planning and management of housing rent, management of campus furniture and procurement of logistics materials.

7. Be responsible for coordinating the construction of campus teachers' housing and commodity housing, management of faculty apartments and Haining Talent Apartment.

8. Department archives management. Relevant file recording and collecting.

9. Other business. Send relevant information to different functional departments in the campus.