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Yunhe Talents' Apartment

1. General Introduction

Yunhe Talents’ Apartment locates at No. 11 of Guanjinggang Road, Haining, about 8 km / 30-min car-drive to the International Campus (hereafter referred as IC).

Currently apartments in 4# Building of Yunhe are available for application. All the apartments are 67 m2, two-room (bedroom & study), equipped with a full set of furniture, appliances and bedding.



Pic.1 Location of Yunhe Talents’ Apartment


2. Facilities and Services


2.1 Bed linen: 1.5 m bed linen.


2.2 Furniture: wardrobe, tea table, desks, chairs.


2.3 Appliances: air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, range hood, induction cooker, electric kettle, electric water heater.


3. Charge Standard

Charge Standard for Yunhe Talents’ Apartment

Apartment Type

Apartment Code

Room Type

Size (square meters)

Monthly Usage Fee (RMB)

Yunhe Talents’ Apartment





(Rent 1020 + Property fee 130)

Parking fee: 80 RMB / month for ground & 120 RMB / month for underground parking.


4. Application 

Two ways for application:

(1) Online application

Browse the housing information and submit the application via the apartment application system:


(2) Offline application

Download and fill in the Teachers’ Apartment Application Form of IC ZJU, complete and submit the application form. (Form B2)


5. Room Types

Type B1:


Pic.2 Layout Plan of Yunhe Talents’ Apartment, Type B1



Pic.3 Photos of Yunhe Talents’ Apartment, Type B1

Type B2:


Pic.4 Layout Plan of Yunhe Talents’ Apartment, Type B2


Pic.5 Photos of Yunhe Talents’ Apartment, Type B2