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The gymnasium is a double layer construction, including basketball court, volleyball court, body shaped room, gym, Squash, tennis court, badminton court, etc. There are also indoor swimming pool and outdoor sports fields and football fields, so teachers and students can do various exercise inside the gym.

Because this campus is just built, there are some temporary facilities such as police office, property management office, sending and receiving express site, etc.

Construction area: 14669.61square meters


Venues Information



Openning Time


Rome156, 1ST Floor   North Building of Gym

Mon-Fri 13:00-21:00
  Sat-Sun 09:00-21:00

Squash Court

Rome164, 1ST   Floor North   Building of Gym

Badminton   Court

Rome105, 1ST   Floor North   Building of Gym

Table Tennis   & Volleyball   Court

Rome220, 2nd   Floor North   Building of Gym

Tennis Court

Between Gymnasium   A & B

Basketball   Court

Beside Hospital

Soccer   Field(Artificial   Lawn)

Close to North   Gate

Reservation at least one day in advance

Swimming PoolSwimming Pool

Mon-Fri 17:30-21:0

Sat-Sun 13:30-17:00,18:00-21:00

Reservations are required for venues listed above if light is need. (At least 30min in advance)

Contact Us

1. Campus Service Center

Address: CSC reception (1st Floor of Student Center)

Time: Mon-Fri 7:30-17:30

      Sat-Sun 8:30-17:00



2. Gymnasium

Address: Gym reception


Time: Mon-Sun 8:00-21:00