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Campus Accessible Services

International Campus, Zhejiang University has equipped various accessible facilities and services on campus. Here is the guide for detailed information.

Accessible Guide

The campus operation and service web ( provides all the information about accessible facilities and services.

Accessible Hotline

You can contact us by 7*24 hotline 0571-87572114 if there is any need about our facilities or services.

Accessible Parking Site

Accessible parking sites are located close to buildings on campus. Here is the accessible parking map:

Accessible Ramp

There are accessible ramps at the main entry of each building on campus. Here are the accessible maps of all the buildings in use:

1523435104170340.jpg 1523175542728042.jpg

Accessible Ramp @ Residential College             Other Accessible Ramps             

Accessible Elevators

There is at least one accessible elevator in each building on campus which provides handrail and button board at appropriate height.

1523435417875557.jpg 1523435492470083.jpg

    Appearance of Accessible Elevators    Keypads inside the Accessible Elevators

Accessible Restroom

There are accessible restrooms in each building on campus equipped with emergency buttons. Once pressed, the emergency button can set alarm both outside the restroom and at the Fire Control Center.

1523435321148534.jpg 1523435387610850.jpg1523435325808640.jpg

    Appearance of Accessible Toilets            Facilities inside the Accessible Toilets

Area of Refuge

The area of refuge provides a temporary shelter in case that people don’t escape in time once there is an emergency. You can get contact with us and wait for rescue at this area.

Accessible Dorms

We provide accessible dorms as well as services in both the serviced apartment and the residential college. All the indoor space, furniture and sanitary facilities have been specially designed for convenient accommodation.

Accessible dorm in the services apartment:

1523175800521786.jpg 1523175800375443.jpg

Accessible dorm in the residential college:

1523175943527275.jpeg 1523176042960711.jpg 

Accessible Library:

The library is designed with auto-door and accessible entry channel. You can get guide service at the information desk if you need any help.

Accessible Tools

We provide wheelchair, walking stick, magnifying lens and bath chair lending service in the hospital and the residential college. You may also ask the hotline for help.

image.png    image.png      image.png  image.png

       Wheelchair         Walking Stick         Bath Chair         Support Frame    

Contact us

Address:CSC Reception ( 1st Floor of Student Center)

Time:Mon-Fri 7:30-17:30; Sat-Sun 8:30-17:30