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Eating Outdoor



  • Haining Crock Pot Pork


Haining people have kept the original way descended from their ancestors to cook pork in the crock pot. The crock pot pork is amber colored, melts in the mouth, rich in paste amd taste extraordinarily. This meal is widely popular in Haining city and the surrounding areas.

Recommended restaurants: Hai Zhou Hotel, No. 199 Haining West Rd, Haining City


  • Chang'an Feast Ball


It is a famous traditional dish of Chang'an Town, Haining City, whose one of the major materials is fish, including silver carp, spotted silver carp and grass carp. The fish tastes tender and fresh served with carefully selected pork skin. There are two forms of this dish, “Soup Feast Ball” and “Bristle Feast Ball”.

Recommended restaurant: Chef Xie’s Feast Ball,  Changan Town, Haining City 

  • Haining Duck


Haining duck is braised in soy sauce and stuffed with sticky and fluffy Chinese rice pudding. It is widely seen during festivals not only because of its good meaning of reunion, but because of its nice taste well-liked by people from the south of the Yangtze river. 

Recommended restaurant: Xinjiamei Hotel, No. 388 Changdai Rd, Haizhou Street, Haining City


  • Haining Mutton


Haining is rich in Hu sheep. Previously, this kind of sheep were widely raised in rural areas of Haining City. In the feast, simmer a large pot of braised mutton on a slow fire and the dish would be empty as soon as being served to the table for it is delicious.

Recommended restaurant: Meilinwan Ecological Garden, No. 2-3 Zhenbao Rd, Haning City


  • Haining Jingfen


The Jingfen is boiled in a special bone soup, and place the soup and the vermicelli in a bowl, then sprinkled with different ingredients such as pork lung, pork heart, beef, etc., making different kinds of Jingfen. 

Recommended restaurant: Zhenxiangzhai Jingfen, No. 503-509 Nanyuan Rd, Haning City

Speciality Restaurant

  • Wufangzhai


Wufangzhai continues to innovate on the basis of inheriting the national food culture. Now it has formed a series of products with rice dumplings as the leading factor, integrating traditional pastries, braised products, rice products, meat products, egg products, wine, condiments, etc. Wufangzhai is known as "The King of Jiangnan Rice Dumplings", and is famous for being glutinous but not rotten, fat but not greasy, tender and delicious, moderately salty and sweet.

Recommended dishes: big meat dumplings, meat dumplings stuffed with egg yolk

Address: No. 151, Haima Road, Haichang Road, Haizhou Street, Haining City

   No. 261-267, Haichang South Road, Haizhou Street, Haining City

Contact Tel.: 0573-87020955 (Haichang Road Store)

         0573-80706177 ( Vanguard Store)

  • Zhenxiangzhai


As Haining's time-honored restaurant, you must try the Jingfen. After the sweet potato noodles are made, put them in clean water for later use. After ordering, they are cooked in boiling water. Putting the shallots, larding in the bottom of the bowl, and rinsing the broth, it has to be delicious.

Recommended dishes: lung heart Jingfen, fresh bamboo shoots siu mai, pumpkin wontons

Address: No. 503-509, Nanyuan Road, Haining City

               No. 453, Shuiyueting West Road, Haizhou Street, Haining City

Contact Tel.: 13372338931 (Nanyuan Road Store)

         15157349982 (Shuiyueting West Road Store)

  • A'long Jiubao


Haining's specialty pots that must be eaten in winter, there are many types in the store, such as pig tail with soy pot, duck feet with dried bean curd pot, braised large intestine pot, stinky tofu pot...Each pot is delicious and unique, and the portion is not very large. Bring several friends and enjoy a variety of flavors. 

Recommended dishes: duck feet with dried bean curd pot, braised large intestine pot, stinky tofu pot

Address: No. 87 and 88, Haima Road, Xiashi Street, Haining City

               108 Xinyuan Road, Haizhou Street, Haining City

Contact Tel.: 13586467999 (Haima Road Store)

                      15325267111 (Intime Store)

  • Xiaojiangshui 


With the high-stacked steamers, Xiaojiangshui attracts many people. The soup dumplings and fried dumplings in the store are handmade by the aunts every day. They are not only big, but also have a lot of meat, you can taste a lot of meat juice after a bite, together with a bowl of self-cooked soy milk. You will remember the taste all day long.

Recommended dishes: soup dumplings, fried dumplings

Address: No. 254-1, Changdai Road, Haizhou Street, Haining City

Contact Tel.: 13750792385

  • Jinbao Noodle Restaurant


In Haining, noodle restaurants are springing up, and all the noodles are freshly cooked. There are many choices of toppings, such as fried sliced pork and salted vegetable, fillet, fish head, pork steak, eel slice, crab, and pork kidney……Shrimp and egg noodles is the signature dish. The noodles are special wet noodles, which are elastic and easy to take in flavour, and the ingredients are eggs and seasonal vegetables. When taste it , you can feel the sauce spreads in the mouth at first, then the fresh of the egg and shrimp between the noodles. It is so delicious that you just can’t get enough. 

Recommended dishes: Shrimp and egg noodles, tofu noodles, snakehead noodles

Address: No. 5, Renmin Road, Chang'an Town, Haining City

Contact Tel.: 13967369755

  • Hetianlongluding Farm


As Haining’s local farm, the farm has two parts. One part is the Luding Restaurant, where you can not only taste the Haining cuisine, but also its unique deer cuisine. The other part is the outdoors. The first thing that catches your eyes is the deer park. Next to it is the dwellings of other small animals, such as monkeys and peacocks...After meal, you can get up close to the small animals, and you will be in a good mood all day.

Recommended dishes: Haining Crispy Pork, Feast Ball, Deer Bone Soup

Address: No. 1, Zhenbao Road, Maqiao Street, Haining City

Contact Tel.: 0573-87278068

  • Ziwei Cold Drinks Shop


In the 1990s, Ziwei cold drinks began to officially sell cold drinks in Haining. Mainly engaged in traditional drinks such as eight treasure soup, mung bean soap, tremella soup and so on. Time has not made people forget it, but it has become more and more popular, becoming a well-known and time-honored brand in Haining.

Recommended dishes: Eight Treasure Soup, Mung Bean and Glutinous Rice Soup, Red Date and Lotus Seed Soup

Address: No. 74, Renmin Road, Haining City

Contact Tel.: 18605836871