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Eating Outdoor


Haining Cylinder Pork

Haining people have kept the original way descended from their ancestors to cook pork in cylinders. The cylinder pork is amber colored and very tender that it melts in the mouth. This meal is widely spreading in Haining city and the surrounding areas.

Recommended restaurant: Hai Zhou Hotel, No. 199 Haining West Rd, Haining City


Changan Feast Ball

One of the major materials of this meal is fish, including silver carp, spotted silver carp and grass carp. Another major material is pork, which has to be selected with certain standards. There are two forms of this meal, “Feast Ball Soup” and “Bristle Feast Ball”.

Recommended restaurant: Master Xie’s Feast Ball, Grocery Market, Changan Town, Haining City


Haining Duck

Haining duck is braised in soy sauce and stuffed with sticky and fluffy Chinese rice pudding. It is widely seen during festivals because of its good meaning of reunion.  

Recommended restaurant: Xinjiamei Holte, No. 388 Changdai Rd, Haizhou Street, Haining City


Haining Mutton

Haining mutton is cooked of Hu sheep, a kind of sheep widely raised in rural areas of Haining City. The mutton is braised in soy sauce for a long time until it is tender enough to melt in the mouth.

Recommended restaurant: Meilinwan Ecological Garden, No. 2-3 Zhenbao Rd, Haning City


Haining Jingfen

Jingfen is a kind of vermicelli made of bean starch, and cooked with pork bone soup. It can be added with pork or beef for different customer choices.

Recommended restaurant: Zhenxiangzhai Jingfen, No. 503-509 Nanyuan Rd, Haning City