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        International Campus, Zhejiang University is working hard to make all of the buildings on campus accessible. Our facilities include accessible elevators, accessible washrooms, accessible dorms, area of refuge, etc. Here are the accessible parking map, accessible building maps and accessible service information to help you safely navigate the campus.

Accessible Parking Map (click for More Info)
Accessible Facilities (click for More Info)


Accessible Route

        Handicap Accessible Symbols together with Blue Arrows and Blue Imaginary Lines denote Accessible Routes; Handicap Accessible Symbols with up & down arrows and three points denote Accessible Elevators.


        Red Stair Symbols with numbers donate routes with stairs and the number of stairs along the routes.

Area of Refuge

        An Area of Refuge is designated at the corner of the walls nearest to the emergency exits to hold people who cannot evacuate safely during an emergency. Those who are not able to escape in time can wait for rescue in this area.


        Handicap Accessible Symbols together with women's & men's symbols donate Independent Accessible Restrooms, those with women's symbols donate Accessible Women's Restrooms and those with men's symbols donate Accessible Men's Restrooms.

Room Use

        Areas shaded blue denote Teaching Areas. Areas shaded green denote Public Areas. Areas shaded purple denote Conference Areas. Areas shaded orange denote Office Areas. Areas shaded yellow denote Dining Areas. Areas shaded cyan denote Medical Areas. Areas shaded pink denote Dormitory Areas.

Arts and Science Building
Learning and Teaching Building North A
Learning and Teaching Building North B
No.1 Residential College
No.2 Residential College
Student Center
Commercial Street
ZJE Building
ZJUI Building
Administration Building

Accessible Services