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Learning and teaching Building North B

North B is the other part of north teaching building, seating for nearly 1000 students; including small activity classrooms, medium-sized multifunctional classrooms, large-scale multimedia classrooms and other educational occupancy. These classrooms not only contain all in one machine and projector, etc. but also can be used to impart knowledge with foreign universities synchronously. There are also 24 hour pure water dispensers, vending machines, self-service printers and so on placed inside the building. Teachers and students can rest and discuss in the atrium or lounge, and the building is a trinity about teaching, learning and resting. The information service center locates in the first floor can provide IT services for teachers and students.

Construction area: 10491 square meters

Floor layers: 4

Number of classrooms: 42

Discussion rooms booking available: 10

Other facilities: pure water dispenser, self-service printer, vending machine

Opening time: 06:30~23:00

Device: all in one machine, projector, microphone, VCR (multifunctional classroom)