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Arts and Science Building

It will be used as the study room for college of arts and science in the future, and it contains various kinds of research rooms. Because it is within the first phase operation, the 3-5 floors will be used as administrative building, where the third floor is the Chinese studies center, the fourth floor is the administrative office of UOE and UIUC union college and part time teacher’s office, and the fifth floor is the campus administrative office including president’s office.

There will be coffee machine, pure water dispenser, self-service printer, etc. that are convenient for staff to work or rest.

Construction area: 10473 square meters

Number of research rooms: about 95 (original design)

Number of multimedia classrooms: 8

Discussion rooms booking available: 4

Other facilities: pure water dispenser, coffee machine, self-service printer, vending machine

Opening time: 06:30~23:00 

Device: all in one machine, projector, microphone, VCR (multifunctional classroom)