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Express & Parcel


Address: 718 East Haizhou Rd., Haining, Zhejiang 314400, P. R. China International Campus Zhejiang University ( Arts and Science Building/ Residential College/ Student Center/ ITS)

1.1 Services

1. Stamp, envelope, postcard, Philatelic Collection etc. for sale.

2. Sending and receiving letters, registered letters and international letters.

3. Receiving, subscribing newspaper and magazine.

4. Receiving and delivering package.

5. International express.

6. Other postal services.

1.2 Service Process

1. Superman will delivery letters and magazine to reception ( except Residential College). The letter and magzine in Residential College will be delieveryed to Residential College Reception

2. For registered letter, Students need to go to COC with their Identification card or passport after receiving a message.

3. For ordinary letters and magazine, students can pick it up at Residential College reception



1.1 Sending

1. Procedure

1) Open packets for inspection;

2) Pack, Weigh and Fill a form ( present your Identification card or passport );

3) Pay the bill based;

4) Paste the form;

How to send






Please takeyour letters to COCreception withvalid certificate.

OrCall Superman to collect it.

a) Superman in Arts and Science Building-Max: 15700091735

b) Superman in Learning and Teaching Building- Magic: 13738045894

Other express package

Packages can be delivered at COCreception.

(1st Floor of Student Center)


Ordinary parcel

1. Staffs can get the package in express cabinet at Arts and Science Building with verification message.

2. Students can get the package in express cabinet at Residential College with verification message.

3. The package will be moved to COC reception after three days in express cabinet. You can get the package at COC with your personal ID card.

4. Please get your fresh or frozen food package as soon as you receive the message. All at your peril.

5. The broken package will be sent to COC reception. You can check it at COC after receiving the message.


Bulky package

The bulky package (L>50cm, or W>42.5cm, or H>18cm) will be sent to COC reception. You can get the package with your personal Identification card or passport after receiving a message. Please double check it at COC. All at your peril when you leave the reception.


Express Partner

Domestic:STO, S.F. , YUNDA,EMS

International:Fedex, UPS, China International Express (TNT)


Contact us: Campus Service Center

Address: 1st Floor of Student Center

Time: Mon-Fri 7:30-17:30

Sat-Sun 8:30-17:00

Tel: 0571(0573)-87572233