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Campus Clinic

Clinical Guide

Outpatient Time: 

Workday 8:00 a.m.——9:00 p.m.; Holiday 8:00 a.m.——5: 00 p.m.

Emergency Time: 

Workday 9:00 p.m.——8:00 a.m.; Holiday 5: 00 p.m.——8:00 a.m.

1. Outpatient Process of Campus Hospital

Register in Campus Hospital with your Health Insurance Booklet and campus ID card

Registration, treatment and prescription

Pick up your medicine


2. Emergency Process of Campus Hospital


Call emergency phone number 0571-85752120

Wait at gate of Campus Hospital with your Health Insurance Booklet and campus ID card

or stay in place and call the emergency phone number if you cannot move

You will be rushed by ambulance to Haining People’s Hospital

Return to campus after treatment


3. Process of Haining People’s Hospital

Go to Haining People’s Hospital with your Health Insurance Booklet and your campus ID card

Show your campus card at Reception Desk in Haining People Hospital

Accompanied by a medical worker to the related department to see a doctor, pay and pick up your medicine

Return to Campus


1. please register in Haining People’s Hospital with your campus ID card and Health Insurance Booklet or you will pay the fees yourself. You can go to hospital with your Chinese friends or counselor if you cannot speak Chinese very well.

2. If you have any emergency and see a doctor in any hospital in Haining but without taking your campus ID card and Health Insurance Booklet, you can pay the fees yourself first and then, submit your medical records and invoice stamped with the hospital emergency seal to Campus Hospital.

Medical Insurance Phone: 0571-87572235

Mobile: 13777424991

Contact Person: Chen Xiu