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The electric vehicle charging map of International Campus helps you achieve "charging freedom"


Low-carbon living, green transportation. We have newly constructed 7 locations within the campus, adding 67 electric vehicle charging spots, which are now officially in operation.




Secure Charging

The charging piles are constructed by professional construction firms, with daily operation and maintenance handled by a dedicated service company. They feature automatic power cutoff for added safety assurance.



Convenient Charging

Charging piles are distributed across 8 campus parking lots, including 55 standard charging piles and 12 fast charging piles. Everyone can charge at their convenience, choosing between fast or standard charging options, enabling 'safe charging without leaving campus’.



Affordable Charging

Discounted rates are offered to faculty, staff and students on campus. Users can scan the charging QR code on the charging pile, making real-time payments. To learn more about electric vehicle charging services and how to apply for discounted rates, please visit the Operations Center website-Campus life-Electric vehicle charging service.


We will continue to focus on addressing the concerns of faculty, staff and students, constantly improving the quality of services, and striving to build a sustainable campus.