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International Campus Holds 2023 Firefighting and Emergency Evacuation Drill


On the afternoon of November 17, the 2023 firefighting and emergency evacuation drill took place at Laitong College. Some faculty, staff and students, the campus emergency response team, and the Haining City Fire Rescue Brigade participated in the drill which was broadcast live online.




Jiang Xiaoqiang, Director of the Office of Campus Operations and Support, announced the start of the drill. The simulation scenario on the fifth floor of Zone 4 in Laitong College depicted a sudden 'fire incident.' Upon discovery, a staff rushed to the scene to attempt to extinguish the fire. Simultaneously, smoke detectors triggered an alarm, prompting the emergency response to be activated. Patrol personnel, order maintenance teams, firefighting units, medical assistance teams, and logistics support teams coordinated and executed their duties according to established protocols.
Subsequently, floor evacuation guides, the campus volunteer firefighting team, and medical staff quickly arrived to guide the orderly evacuation while participating in firefighting and rescue efforts. Upon receiving the alert, the Haining City Fire Rescue Brigade dispatched firefighting and aerial ladder vehicles for professional rescue operations. Within five minutes, the fire was successfully extinguished, and all occupants safely evacuated the building.






Following the drill, Cao Shuoyan from the Haining City Fire Rescue Brigade gave a conclusion. He emphasized the importance of fire prevention, stating that fire prevention takes precedence over firefighting. Faculty, staff and students should regularly acquire and enhance their knowledge of fire safety to improve their self-rescue and mutual assistance capabilities.
Wu Xing, Vice Dean of RC and Director of the Support Center of RC, pointed out that through this drill, faculty, staff and students gained a practical understanding of the safety pathways and evacuation routes. This experience raised their awareness of fire safety, ensuring a prompt and correct response in the face of real danger.
The firefighting and emergency evacuation drill not only raised the fire safety awareness of faculty, staff and students but also tested the emergency response capabilities of the firefighting team, fortifying a robust defense line for campus fire safety.