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A bus emergency safety drill was held


A bus emergency safety drill was held to further ensure the safety of faculty, staff and students.


At the scene of the drill, our bus drivers and logistics staff simulated various emergency situations. Everyone collaborated seamlessly, responding swiftly with a composed demeanor to various accident scenarios, showcasing professionalism, and ensuring the passengers' safety.


In the event of “traffic accidents”, “urgent passenger assistance”, “vehicle breakdown handling”, and other emergencies, according to the “Emergency Response Plan for Bus Incidents at Zhejiang University International Campus”, the driver will immediately report the situation to the campus. Simultaneously, based on the severity of the accident scene, orderly notifications will be made to the emergency medical center, the police department, and the fleet for subsequent handling. The fleet will promptly dispatch emergency vehicles to evacuate passengers based on the situation at the accident site.

Traffic Accident Handling




Emergency Passenger Assistance



Vehicle Breakdown Handling



This safety drill is a call for responsibility and mission, an awakening of safety consciousness. Through such drills, we contribute to creating a secure campus, ensuring every trip for faculty, staff and students is filled with warmth and peace of mind.