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Conducting escape drills, constructing a safe campus——The International Campus conducted a fire evacuation drill in spring


To further enhance the safety of the campus, effectively improve the awareness of fire safety and self-prevention and self-rescue ability of teachers, students, and staff, and resolutely prevent and curb the occurrence of fire accidents, the International Campus organized the fire evacuation and escape drills for all colleges, research centers, residentials, and logistic departments from March 18th to April 1st, 2024.

Nearly 1,000 people (students, faculty, and staff) participated in the drill, reflecting the great importance that faculty, staff, and students attached to fire safety. 



To run the drill successfully, all participating units developed a detailed evacuation plan according to the actual situation of the building. And we organized learning, and cleared tasks and responsibilities of the participants, to ensure the safety and efficiency of the escape drill.

With the fire evacuation broadcast "signal sound" sounded, the formal drill began. Participants escaped quickly along the route and escaped orderly out of the building, under the guidance of the radio. All the participants safely arrived at the designated assembly location. After just 30 seconds, all the participants completed the evacuation, and no one was left behind in the process. Afterward, under the guidance of the on-site support and security department, teachers and students also experienced fire extinguishers and learned fire-fighting skills.




This evacuation drill activity for teachers and students was completed successfully. It provided a vivid fire safety class, further enhancing the awareness of teachers and students of fire safety, improving the teachers' and students’ ability to respond to the fire, and the awareness of self-protection and self-help ability. This drill successfully puts the fire safety work into practice and adds a solid base of safety for the International Campus in spring.