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EcoCampus Green Ambassador Recruitment


“The world is a greener place than it was 20 years ago. Data from NASA Earth satellites shows that human activity in China and India dominate this greening of the planet, thanks to tree planting & agriculture.” tweeted NASA on February 12, 2019.

As a member of Earth ecological environment family, International Campus, Zhejiang University has always been applying the idea of sustainability to her construction, management and operation since the very beginning of its foundation.

International Campus, Zhejiang University, certificated as “Green Building Design Label Star Two” in 2018, is the first university receiving EcoCampus Award in China and will be listed among LEED EB universities in near future. To implement the EcoCampus scheme better, it’s our privilege to have you (domestic / international undergraduates and graduates) as our EcoCampus Green Ambassadors. Details for recruitment are listed as below:

Main Tasks

Ø  Campus carbon emission accounting and reporting as directed;

Ø  Campus building energy consumption survey and publicity as directed;

Ø  Campus Green-Map designing and making as directed;

Ø  Cooperation with advisors to carry out energy-saving and environmental protection activities on campus and in communities nearby;

Ø  Sustainable campus website construction and maintenance.

Main Gains

Ø  Professional trainings in carbon emission, National University Student Social Practice and Science Contest on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction, relative lectures on               sustainability;

Ø  Opportunities for visits to green environmental protection forums and communication with volunteers in green clubs;

Ø  Direct feelings such as close observation on inner construction of green buildings and field visits for green energy-saving technologies;

Ø  A considerable income, including part of work-study program for financial support as well as personal ability improvement.

Join Us

Ø  Send your resume (Chinese & English vision) and application reasons to by 4pm, March 1 with your email and resume titled as “your institute +                   EcoCampus Green Ambassador + your name”;

Ø  Resume scanning (March 2-March 6);

Ø  Interview (March 7, specific time can be scheduled in case of class time clashes);

Ø  Result announcement


Set a goal and build a greener campus in 2019. Welcome to join us!


Office of Campus Development and Management

Feb. 25, 2019