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Emergency Warning Against Telecom Network Fraud


Since September 2020, 9 telecom fraud cases have occurred in the International Campus, with losses as high as 885,938 yuan. Among them, two large-scale telecom fraud cases occurred in April 2021, which causing serious property losses to the victims. The common situation is that the criminal impersonates as a T-mall staff, falsely claiming that the goods purchased by the victim have quality problems and suggests the victim to download an APP to operate the return process. Another situation is that the criminal falsely claims that the “staff” mistakenly registered the victim as a member of a certain store, which requires a large annual fee. Cancellation of the membership is needed. Hence, the criminal induces the victim to transfer money to the designated bank account.

Students, faculty and staff are requested to take self-precautions, do not trust unfamiliar calls or messages, do not disclose personal information, and do not recharge and transfer money at will. Inform the police as soon as you find that you have been scammed. All institutes, departments and international research centers are requested to further strengthen the anti-fraud security education and reminders for students, faculty and staff.

Security and Stability Committee of the International Campus

April 28, 2021