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Warm Tips for Safety during the Summer Vacation


Dear all,

The summer vacation is coming, here are some warm tips for safety during the summer vacation for your reference:

1. Please ensure the power of all the electrical appliances is switched off, doors and windows are closed in your office, laboratory, dormitory or other related places before leaving.

2. Beware of telecom network fraud. Always keep in mind that do not disclose personal information, do not transfer and remit money at will, do not click unknown links and do not trust suspicious calls. National Anti-fraud Hotline: 96110.

3. Please pay attention to epidemic prevention. Avoid travelling to medium and high-risk areas. Wear a mask when you go out, the mask should be replaced in time when it is wet. Wash your hands frequently and pay attention to coughing and sneezing etiquette. If you have symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, etc., please consult a doctor immediately.

4. Please pay attention to the information about weather alerts in advance to prevent going out in disastrous weather. Observe traffic rules, and pay attention to traffic safety. Do not swim in places without safety protection measures, such as rivers, lakes, ditches, etc.

5. Please pay attention to food safety and hygiene. Do not overeat, and do not buy any product without date of manufacture, certificate of quality and name of manufacturer.


Wish you have a good summer vacation!

Office of Campus Development and Management

June 10, 2021