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Notice re the Annual Fire-fighting Test


According to the related rules and regulations of The Maintenance Management of Building Fire Control Facilities (GB25201-2010), we will organize the annual test of campus Fire-fighting Devices. More details are listed as below:

I. Test time and area



July 19 (08:30-17:00)

2C(International Research Center for Functional Polymers), 3A(Business School), 5(Lecture Theatre West), 6(Lecture   Theatre East), 8(No.8 Building), 9(Auditorium), 22(Hospital), 23(Gymnasium), 24(Faculty Club)

July 22 (08:30-17:00)

1A(International Research Center for Advanced Photonics), 1B(International Research Center for Green Building and Low-Carbon City), 1E(International Research Center for Information Science and Electronic Engineering), 15(No.1 Residential College), 16(Student Center)

July 23 (08:30-17:00)

2A(ZJU-UoE Institute), 2B(ZJU-UoE Joint Research Centre for Engineering Biology), 2E(Laboratory Building), 4(Learning and Teaching Building South), 11(No.2 Residential College)

July 24 (08:30-17:00)

1C(ZJU-UIUC Institute), 3B(Administration Building), 7(Multimedia Hall), 10(No.4 Residential College), 18(Library), 21(Arts and Science Building)

July 25 (08:30-17:00)

12(No.3 Residential   College), 19(Learning and Teaching Building North B), 20(Learning and Teaching Building North A), 25(Serviced Apartment)

II. Please be aware of the followings:

    During the test:

    a. The building under test will go through power outage for a few minutes.

    b. Fire alarm and Public announcement will go off.

    c. Elevators will be lowered to ground floor and gate will open.

The above situations might continue for 10-20 minutes at each building during test, notification will be made in advance. Should the alarm go off, please do not panic and prepare for the fire control system test.

Contact: Ningwu Pan, Tel 0571-87572227,

Office of Campus Development and Management

July 14, 2021