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Notice on International Campus 2023 Volunteering Initiative for Whitewashing Trees


Dear all, 

Whitewashing trees involves applying a whitening agent to tree trunks, enhancing their ability to withstand cold, prevent freezing, and deter pests, ensuring smooth winter survival for the vegetation. Aiming to instill a greater awareness of tree care among iZJUers, the campus will organize the "Dress Trees Anew" tree whitewashing activity. The details are as follows: 

   The activity is open to all faculty, staff and students. 

   November 19, 2023, 14:00-16:00 (Notice will be given if time is changed.) 


   The green route, starting from the south campus gate.  


   a) Professional green maintenance workers provide guidance on whitewashing roadside trees.
   b) After the tutorial, teams of two people work together to whitewash roadside trees.
   c) Group photo session. 

   Please complete the registration form before 12:00 on November 17. 

   Registration link:
   The QR Code 




   a) Participants must follow the guidance of the instructors, refraining from random painting. 

   b) Pay attention to safety. The lime water used for white coating is highly corrosive. Don’t let it touch your skin and eyes. 

7.Event Support
   Organized by Office of Campus Operations and Support, with Qiushi Property Management of Zhejiang University undertaking the event. The tools will be provided to each participant. 


Office of Campus Operations and Support 

November 15, 2023