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Notice re Energy-saving Mode during Winter Vacation


In order to save energy and avoid waste, some public service facilities will be operated in an energy-saving mode during the winter vacation (January 29- February 23). Please inform and cooperate with the implementation.

Please feel free to contact Campus Services Hub (0573-87572114) if you have any questions. Thanks for your support. 

Details are as below:



ECO mode


Central AC

Library: off during the closure

Campus Dining Center: 7:30-19:00 Everyday, off during the closure


Indoor illumination

Emergency lights on


Underground parking area

Half lights on


Water boiler machine

Public teaching & laboratory areas and unattended offices areas off


Water heaters in R.C.

Open as needed, uninhabited areas off

The ZJU-UIUC Institute, ZJU-UoE Institute, International Business School, Residential Colleges and Information Center, Campus Dining Center, the Hospital, scientific research platforms and other units, please implement according to the actual condition. 

Office of Campus Operations and Support

January 22, 2024