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Notice Re Campus Safety Inspection Arrangement


Dear all,

In order to further improve the ability of risk detection, prevention and control, and maintain a stable and safe campus, it is decided to organize a series of inspections on dormitory fire safety, food safety, laboratory safety, and construction site safety. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

Ⅰ. Inspection arrangements

1. Inspection method: Each working group of the Security and Stability Committee of the International Campus will conduct extensive inspections. Each unit should organize a self-inspection before the campus inspection.

2. Campus inspection time:

(1)   Laboratory safety inspection: May 13, 2021

(2)   Dormitory fire safety inspection: May 14, 2021

(3)   Food safety inspection: May 20, 2021

(4)   Construction site safety inspection: May 22, 2021

Ⅱ. Notes

1. In accordance with the requirements in the 2020 Campus Safety Construction Responsibility Letter of International Campus, ZJU, each unit should conduct a safety self-inspection based on the actual situation of the working area of the unit. The self-inspection record should be archived for future reference.

2. Zhejiang Zheda Qiushi Property Management Co., Ltd. Haining Branch will be responsible for the safety inspection of key parts including the public areas and the rough building areas, the power distribution rooms, the fire prevention and control rooms, the pump rooms, and the building fire protection facilities.

Contacts: Ningwu Pan, 87572227,


Security and Stability Committee of the International Campus

May 12, 2021